Cabra de Minca

My son, who is truly one of the funniest people I have ever known, is also the most precocious 13 year old in history.  I am of Hungarian stock, his mother a Latina.  So he has a fairly interesting perspective on issues of culture, race, etc, although he speaks absolutely no Spanish.

One night we were sitting in the den and he asked, “Dad, what does ‘cabra de minca’ mean?”  I told him I didn’t know, but his moms spanish is better and to ask her.  As I say this, she walks in the room and says, “Ask me what?”  He pipes in with, “What does ‘cabra de minca’ mean?”  She tells him she doesn’t know, and asks where he heard it.

He says, with a dead straight face, “I made it up.”  Of course, I burst out laughing.  But when I regain my composure asked him, “If you just made it up, why ask what it means?”  He replied with, “Well, it sounds like real spanish.”

So we had to find a way memorialize the name Cabra de Minca.  Since we have been doing the low carb diet, I have created/invented several dishes that my family likes to meet our low carb needs.  The following, my sons favorite, is the recipient of his made up name, “Cabra de Minca”:


chicken thighs (amount depends on your family size and appetite)

lemon pepper


heavy cream (3 cups, or more if you want to make more gravy)

cheese (monterrey jack is our choice, use whichever you prefer)

butter (2 tbl)

garlic (2 tbl)

veggie of your choice, or refried black beans (read on to understand)

Take a large package of chicken thighs, bone in and skin on, and season with salt.  Then very liberally apply lemon pepper.  Once the oven reaches 400 degrees, put the chicken in for 1-1.5 hours.  Really, until the skin is thin and crispy.  Make sure you cook it uncovered for the whole time (and i recommend lining the cookie sheet with foil, shiny side up).

When the chicken is almost done, drop 2 tblsp butter into a sauce pan, and start to carmelize some (2 tblsp) minced garlic.  Once it is brownish, add in 3 cups heavy cream.  Stir constantly on low-medium heat until it begins to steam.  Add in 1 handful of monterrey jack cheese, stirring it in until it melts.  Repeat until it is the desired thickness.

Now you have “cabra de minca”:  crispy, unbreaded, oven fried chicken thighs, with a thick and garlicky cheese gravy to dip it in.  I usually prepare green beans to go with it, and cover the green beans with the cheese gravy, too.  My son has  his with refried black beans, covered in cheese gravy.

Remember:  on low carb, fat = good.  So eat the skin, it is absolutely fantastic with the cheese sauce.

I hope you enjoy my tribute to the little chip off my block, precocious and goofy as he is.


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