Pork Tenderloin – My Version

When I first started eating low carb, pork tenderloin was a big favorite.  Value wise, it is one of the top meats available in my area (two healthy loins for about 9 bucks).  Right on par with top sirloin steak (another great value).  I have a million ways to make it, and could go on like Bubba from Forest Gump talking about shrimp.  But here I will focus on my favorite recipe, Lemon Pork Tenderloin and Spinach.


2 Lemons (zested and juiced)

1 pkg pork tenderloin (with 2 loins in it)

1 bag frozen spinach

2 tblsp fresh minced garlic

some salt

some pepper

optional – cayenne to taste (my favorite spice)


Preheat oven to 350


Oil a large, oven proof  skillet with corn oil (so it’ll take the high heat) and brown up your pork tenderloins.  Try to sear them so that they both fit in the skillet on the outside, leaving the center part open.  Sear all four sides of both of them, not worrying about cooking them all the way through (use high heat, in other words).  Once you sear off 3 sides, add some pepper, all the garlic, and lemon zest and cover both tenderloins generously on the top (already seared) sides (leaving the 4th side down frying).

Dump in the frozen spinach, and arrange in the middle of the two tenderloins.  Pour the lemon juice all over the spinach and pork, then pop into the oven for 20 mins.
Optional:  make the Cabra De Minca cheese sauce, but add in some lemon  juice and use parmesan cheese to make it like a lemon alfredo sauce.  Pour over servings of tenderloin and spinach.

Optional:  use asparagus in place of spinach, its just as good!  Or put in your own low carb veggie.

This is really not hard, and is the best pork tenderloin dish I have ever had.


One Response to “Pork Tenderloin – My Version”

  1. I like to add a few kalamata olives on top of each serving.STUFFED CHICKEN TENDERLOINS20 chicken tenderloins thawedround smooth river rock palm size plastic wrap1 box frozen spinach fresh if you are at home 1 pt ricotta cheesesaltpepper2 pinches chili flakesoilsmall jar marinara sauce20 slices mozarella cheeseThaw chicken in a large bowl of cold water while you prepare the mixture. Place each tenderloin between two pieces of plastic wrap or just place in a zip lock baggie. Take each strip of tenderloin and place a teaspoon or more of the mixture onto the center and roll.

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