Has a torn dew claw.

She is my doxy-pit bull mix.  Jet black, very husky (not fat, just strong and stocky), and with 2″ legs…I love her immeasurably.  So for her to have all this pain hurts me very, very deeply.

I will take her to the doctor tomorrow to have it repaired/remedied.  But it is causing me great amounts of grief.  And since this blog was intended to be therapeutic for me, I decided to write about it.

It may make me feel only slightly better though.  Normally she sleeps with the wife and I.  But due to the very tender nature of her injury, I worry that one of us may hurt her while we are sleeping (and possibly get my wife bit in the process, although she has never shown any aggression before).  So I have moved the kennel into our room for tonight so she can sleep crated in there.  Of course, she objects (I couldn’t even lure her in there with ham, her favorite).  But after gently chasing her down (I thought her front paw was injured?  How is she moving like that?), gently placing her on the pile of things with my smell on it, and gently slamming the door shut before she slithered back out again, she is bedded down for the night.

She weighs in the 20-25lb range.  I dosed her at 125mg of Tylenol.  That is approximately 5mg/lb, on the bottom end of the dosing scale.  Judging by how well she was able to break my tackles, and juke me out of my house shoes, I would say that the Tylenol is helping a little.  Well….that and the ham.


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