IPad2 Giveaway

My mom is a big sweepstakes enterer, and she wins tons of stuff.  This is one such contest (and you are reading my entry):


The text on the contest notice:

n 2010, we began the iPad-a-week giveaway. Then in February 2011, we started the iPad-a-day giveaway. We continued the iPad-a-day giveaway until Apple sold out of iPads. Today we announce the obvious successor: The iPad-an-hour Giveaway.
On Black Friday, November 25, 2011, starting at midnight (MST), we’ll be giving away an iPad 2 every hour. 24 iPad 2s over 24 hours. Each hour is a new opportunity to enter the giveaway. So yes, you need to go to the giveaway page each hour and enter.
Entering the giveaway will be simple. To enter, just submit your email address. For additional entries, you can share on Facebook and Twitter. A Facebook share is worth two additional entries and a Twitter share is worth one additional entry.
Bonus: To get an additional 24 entries, one additional entry per hour, you can blog about the iPad-an-hour giveaway. To qualify for this, you must write a blog post explaining the giveaway to your readers and include a clickable link to the giveaway page (Here is the giveaway page’s URL: http://www.zagg.com/community/contest.php). Once you have published your post, send a text message to 801-477-7178 with your blog URL and the email address that you will use to enter the giveaway (standard messaging rates apply). Once your blog post is approved, we will text you back verifying that you will get a bonus entry each hour over the 24 hours. Please do not call this number as it will not be monitored and will only be used to receive text messages about the giveaway. You have until November 21st to submit your blog post.

One Response to “IPad2 Giveaway”

  1. oxanna Nodd Says:

    Good, I think I was going to prepare, ipad still waiting for me to get it?

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