Epic Rage Comic

This is the best rage comic ever.  Yeah, its long.  Suck it.  If the author is in their 80’s (as claimed) then they have earned the right to tell a long story.

2 Responses to “Epic Rage Comic”

    • Yesterday I attended a ceremony renaming a local VA hospital in honor of a local man who was awarded the Medal of Honor for actions of valor in Korea. The stories for MOH recipients are always amazing, inspiring, and humbling and this mans was no different. Sen. Cornyn was on hand to speak, along with a few other representatives of our elected officials (the House was having votes yesterday, so only the Congressman was able to make it).

      During this whole affair, there was no shortage of Korean War vets on hand, and at the beginning all Korean War vets were asked to stand and be recognized. Half of the crowd went to stand. Since I was standing towards the back (so as to not take the seat of a war vet), I observed the great trouble these men were having in coming to their feet. A couple of them had to throw themselves forward, almost falling in the process. It saddened me, knowing that these men had faced death for us, people they don’t even know.

      I don’t agree with war, most often, and do not like the fact that Americans are dying for other people (or, more accurately, for the gain in wealth of bankers and corporations). But that has nothing to do with the sacrifice that the individual men and women made for us, and it does not tarnish the noble intentions of any soldier who believes they are fighting for good.

      Seeing those vets struggle to get to their feet just so they could receive a moment of recognition from their often ingrateful countrymen was painful to see.

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