Morning Musings In San Antonio

So this morning I am working in downtown San Antonio.  This is a real pleasure, let me tell you.  The Tejano awards PLUS spring break.  It is crowded full of people who know less about how to get around San Antonio than I do.  Several times I have been asked, “Excuse me sir, how do you get to…..”. 

This has normally gotten a response similar to, “Well, I am not from here either.  Couldn’t tell you”.  Which, to be honest, is a fair response as it would seem anything else would be misleading them.  Regardless, I still get the “Are you for real?” look before they trail off looking for another victim which to assail with questions.

I have been thinking though:  rather than tell them that I don’t know, why not meet their expectations?  I mean, instead of having them give me a “WTF” look I could send them away happily knowing that they have direction and meaning in their day once again.  Who cares that any directions I give (other than to the smoking area) would be wholly made up and fictitious?  Well, I guess the person getting the shoddy directions would care, but that would then be up to someone else to address. 

I guess I should be happy that I can just simply find my way back and forth from the office/apartment to Starbucks each morning.  While it isn’t as convenient as my Mr. Coffee at home, it is still pretty decent coffee.  And the entertainment provided by the grandiose displays of pretentiousness seen there is well worth the muggy, early morning walk. 

While standing by the door (as the line was long enough to stretch up to the door) I had a lady push her way by me.  As she came in she said, “Whew!  I just had to get out of all that cigarette smoke!”. So I looked outside, and noticed that one person was walking by that had a cigarette.  That little bit of smoke, mixed in with the wonderful bouquet that is downtown, early rush hour San Antonio, was more than her delicate biological system could bear.

But it all made sense when I saw the labeling the new Starbucks coffee blend, “Tribute”.  Beneath the brand name was the by line description of, “Bold and deeply textured”.  Talk about pretentious.  To most of us coffee is described as “strong”, “weak”, “good”, “bad”….simple descriptives.  I had no idea that coffee, like wine, could suffer the pretentiousness of people believing to have found a hidden pleasure in the bottom of America’s favorite breakfast drink, and then call it “deeply textured”.

2 Responses to “Morning Musings In San Antonio”

  1. My friend, your West Texas-ness is showing!

    • Oh, don’t you know it. I have, however, stopped being offended at all the shorty shorts running around outside my office window here in downtown San Antonio, though. I mean, it was the least i could do, with spring break and all.

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