Cause, Effect, Life, Chaos

I posted the following on a forum recently.  Didn’t get much in the way of discussion, which was really my hope.  However there was some interesting input.  Regardless, I thought it would be nice to add in here:

Been driving a lot lately with weekly trips down to the hill country. This gives me long hours to sit, drive, and think.

On one of these recent drives something occurred to me: life could be simply defined as any system that works consistently and demonstrably against entropy. In other words, life builds order.

Of course, this would mean that planets, solar systems, and galaxies are “alive”….but I believe this could possibly be true.

It would seem that it is likely that “life” exists wherever order exists.  i think that order and life go hand in hand.

However, it has since occurred to me that there is no such thing as chaos.  There is always order, with “chaos” just being an order that is beyond our ability to recognize.  Of course when you have millions upon millions of interactions giving rise to new actions it becomes wholly unpredictable to us and is just called “chaos”.

To take this further then, would that not mean that at a universal level there is nothing but order?  A complete absence of chaos?  Our reality is a cause and effect reality.  All things happen because of something causing them to happen.

Which may have given me a good working definition of intelligence:  any being that works against cause and effect.  This is independant thought, free will.  Violating the universes desire to have its predictable chains of cause and effect.

Anyway…gotta get on with my day.  Enough day dreaming.

4 Responses to “Cause, Effect, Life, Chaos”

  1. Now the funny thing is that I blog on this kind of topic constantly, but never expected to see you doing so. 😉

    • well…i am kind of a renaissance man. On Saturday I was cutting 2×4’s and building a washroom while I cooked a 4 star quality meal of braised short ribs burgandy and red cabbage/mustard greens. I like all kinds of things.

      Now, on to the REAL question…what set your expectation of not seeing me write on this topic?

      • Because I am used to be relatively alone with my weirdness, I suppose! There are not many people who look at what lies beneath, so to speak…

      • I am not sure I like that we, as humans, have to lower our expectations of each other so much. But I know what you mean.

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