Having Fun While On Business

So I spent last week in San Antonio, during Spring Break.  While I harbor no ill feelings, I did find a fun activity: giving phony directions.  I guess it was because I was wearing a button up shirt, nice pants, and nice boots, but while I was outside downtown while at work, every tourist for blocks would come ask directions.

The drill basically went like this:

“Excuse me sir, can you tell me how to get to St. Mary’s Street?”

“Hmmm….yeah.  Sure.  You are quite a ways away, though. First you want to walk about 6 blocks down that way.  It will be the 4th light, however many blocks that is.  Take a right, go up 2 more blocks, and take a left.  It should be on the next block up, on the right.”

They would then tredge off happily with their kids in tow.

Yeah, a little mischeivous. But after the 30th time being asked, I just decided “Aww, the hell with it.”

The best was this one guy who walked into the office.  Shaved bald, about 20 years old, sagging pants and just reeking of thug.  He said, “Do you guys know where the parole office is?”  The office manager was about to tell him no when I chimed in with my helpful directions.  It was 4:30pm, so he wouldn’t have made it anyway.  I don’t think.

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