This made me cry. More than once.

After watching this .gif,  I had to go outside to compose myself.


When I was in 7th grade I had to choose between a bug collection, or a leaf collection.  The result would be half my science grade for that grading period.  One evening, after getting frustrated with the bug collecting, I announced to my dad that I was switching to leafs.  He then held up his empty beer can (we are rednecks, you know) and shook it.  He said, “Ok, but here is a bug you mom just spent 10 minutes chasing around the yard.”

She had surprised me by thinking about me while I wasn’t even aware of it.  By worrying about me, and working to help me.  She had put effort into giving me something trivial and mundane:  a bug.  But it was so touching to me.  It hurt that I had considered changing my bug collection to a leaf collection after she had done that for me.


I ended up making a fairly low grade on that bug collection.  I could have nailed it with the leafs, as leaves are a dime a dozen (or cheaper).  But that would have done a dishonor.

The lesson here is multiple.  For me, first, it was about appreciating the little things that our loved ones do for us.  The little things that actually make them “loved ones”.  But even more, it was about how to love your children.  And this is a lesson I took to heart, as it was not fun or easy playing tennis with my oldest while I weighed well over 400 lbs.  But that was one of those “little things” that I did to show him that I love him.  Just like was done for me when I was a kid.

Tonight, if you are able, hug your loved ones extra firm.  Make sure they know.  Now I am headed back outside to compose myself again.

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