Glorious Spring Drive Through Texas Hill Country

The last several weeks I have been making commutes to Austin and San Antonio.  This past Friday, as I was returning to my West Texas home from Austin, I was treated to some of the most breath taking road side wildflowers I have ever seen.  While driving to Austin on Monday, it was somewhat rainy, but you could see that the flowers were in bloom.  I knew it would be sunny the rest of the week, and knew that after the rains the grasses, trees, and flowers were going to be amazing.  And God did not disappoint.

My drive took me up Highway 29 from Austin.  It is a narrow, two lane highway running 70 mph through winding, tight curves.  Hardly the kind of road you slow down and gawk on.  But most drivers were of a similar mind and were either creeping along as lookey loo’s, or were just simply pulled over and were walking amongst the millions of bluebonnets adorning the rolling hills.

I stopped just past Buchanan Dam and took the two following images:

It was the most beautiful drive I have ever had.  And I get to go back on Monday.

3 Responses to “Glorious Spring Drive Through Texas Hill Country”

  1. Living near the same part of Texas, I can attest to the beauty. What a difference a few months and a few inches of rain can make.

  2. I just drove through there myself last weekend. Went through Llano and back up to the flatlands. Highway 71 between Valley Spring and Brady was just amazing. It seems like it’s been years since the timing of rainfall was right on the money to produce such beauty.

    Fantastic pictures. I love seeing the paintbrushes and bluebonnets together. You’ll have to get the black-eyed susans and indian blankets around April/May if your travels continue to take ya there.

    • By May I would expect most of the travel to end (maybe some occasional stuff). But April will be pretty busy going back and forth.

      Driving to San Antonio and back this week, the bluebonnets along 87 and 83 are no where near as big or amazing. And there isn’t a whole lot of other flowers (saw some fields of yellow, and a couple purple). It is still pretty, especially along scenic I-10 from Junction to San Antonio. The bluebonnets extend as far north on 87 as Eden, or just a little northwest of Eden.

      I will get some more when I go to Austin this week. It was raining today as I rolled out of Hill Country up onto the Edwards Plateau. I expect to see some color again. 🙂

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