If You Have Or Will Vote For This Man, You Are An Idiot

I didn’t even say that about those that voted for Obama.  And I don’t say it because of his view on porn (which I disagree with).  But just look:

Really?  Homosexuality is a deviant behavior born from homosexual porn?  So…the first gay people were made gay because they watched two non-homosexuals engage in homosexual behavior in porn?

It is the stupidest thing ever said.  Really.  It employs circular logic in a dance of wits that has all the elegance and timing of Jethro Clampett.  It is worse than everything Joe Biden has ever said all added together and increased by a power of 10.

And to cast a vote for someone who employs such failed logic to focus on a social issue during a time when the entire world is on fire is nothing short of an act of equal stupidity.  Or simple trolling.  I had hoped Christian Fundamentalism had ended its run of screwing up our country when the Blue Laws were abolished.  I guess I was wrong.  We are even willing to elect a lunatic every bit as insane as Fred Phelps.

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