The “Streetwalker Story Teller” Game

The last couple of months I have spent a lot of time in downtown areas in large cities in Texas.  This travel is mostly job related, and I am a humdrum kind of guy.  So my travel times are limited mostly to work commutes from the hotel to whichever office I am working from that week.  These drives tend to be much longer than I am used to because of horrible traffic commuting into downtown areas.

This week, I found a new game to play on this commute to make it a little more entertaining (and reward me for all the time sitting in traffic waiting on my turn to meter through the red light).  In any metro downtown, there are copious amounts of walkers.  Some are local young folks who like living in the mishmash of cultures found in downtown areas.  Some are the area homeless folks going about their daily rituals of securing whatever it is they need for that day.  But most are workers of all sorts, either walking to work or running an errand, or maybe even just grabbing coffee at a coffee house.

So I pop in a CD that has “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gee’s, and then look for the first person I see that is walking in rhythm  to the song.  Doesn’t matter who it is, and I don’t cherry pick (a la “Reality TV”).  Once I locate the first person I see doing this, I then make up the story of their lives up to that point.  Not a novel, just a run down.

Saw a guy walking to work today wearing a short sleeve button up and khaki’s.  His story:  a mormon that stranded in Austin when his congregations youth group left him on accident while doing missionary work at the University of Texas.  He has since been recruiting new wives from the local bohemian youth population.

Yeah…I obviously need something more productive to do while driving to work.

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