Banksy on Advertising

Very interesting perspective this Banksy has.  Worthy of conversation:


2 Responses to “Banksy on Advertising”

  1. Depends on what he is going to do with them. Trademarks exist for a reason and they are a valid protection(to a point IMO). Take the following real example. We have a construction company here in Midland called M&M construction. I’ve seen there trucks. They paint them Yellow and use a font that closely resembles a bag of Peanut M&Ms candies. It is obvious they are invoking the image for their personal benefit. So how is anyone harmed? Well if I am a competitor then I am harmed by it. This company has stolen someone else’s ID and is using to build image. They get an automatic advancement in recognition by invoking an image someone else paid for decades to build. How is that really any different then running into the offices of M&M/Mars and steeling there computers? That is an obvious theft which wouldn’t be allowed yet this company is doing the same thing. When M&Ms first came out 60+ years ago they had to build a reputation and brand awareness from nothing, which costs money. The construction company has to do the same yet can spend less because it is cheating and imitating a known brand. To me that is wrong.

    • At what point does “brand awareness” become “common knowledge”? If it is in your face everyday, does it not become part of your world?

      Kind of like calling photocopies “Xeroxes”. Not done as much anymore…but you get the point.

      I have a belief that once something exists, it exists for all. THe litmus test should be in the honesty and truthfulness. If this construction company is making people believe that they are run by M&M/Mars and cashing in on that, that is one thing. But if they are taking art that is thrown up on every available billboard (and thus part of our landscape) and repurposing it, it is the same as calling yourself “Bent Tree Apartments” and using an image of a tree.

      Or, so this argument goes. 🙂

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