Taxicab Confession

Oh God, did I ever need to read that.  As I have delved further and further into finding what I have always called “success”, I tend to forget that innocent young man I used to be.  The one that looked at those in need without cynicism, and that was not always in a hurry to get to whatever goal I may have (usually simply getting from point A to point B).

I often read for its silly humor.  It is mostly humor created by teenagers and twenty somethings.  And, to be honest, knowing who makes up the content on that site, it is very satisfying to see that particular group acknowledging the gravity of the above story.

So, having said this, I challenge each and every reader to the following:

1.  Be more patient than necessary with our seniors.  They have seen a lot of days go by, and are not in a big hurry to see any more.  Help them feel more alive by slowing the world around them down a little and letting them enjoy it.  Theirs are days that are numbered.

2.  Realize that “those stupid kids”, with their ugly haircuts, horrible music, and gawdy clothes represent you and I.  We were once them, and we once had ugly hair, horrible music, and gawdy clothes.  I grew up in the 80’s, and honestly do not think that these current whippersnapper’s can outdo us.  But I welcome them to try.  But it is them who usually reminds us what living really is all about.  Doubt me?  Have your own children.


2 Responses to “Taxicab Confession”

  1. Thank you for that. My eyes were feeling a bit dry.

    • i know. and the old lady taking forever to pick out her bread at the grocery store probably appreciated it, too. Then again, we both had a laugh about a wet floor sign being the big hold up.

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