Honk If You Love Jesus

Today I was discussing an upcoming music festival with a coworker.  The festival is usually pretty big, and we have quite a few heathens around that will be well into 12 beers before the festival ends.  Drunkeness will abound, let me tell you.

The coworker, who has been involved in some of the behind the scenes stuff, mentioned that he thought some of the bands were Christian type.  My revulsion was obvious, and with him being a fairly traditional Catholic, he was obviously puzzled by my revulsion.

This is a fairly new coworker for me, as the business has only recently started.  So we have not really spent a lot of time conversing about the great mysteries of life.  Thus, he was (and still is) mostly ignorant of my viewpoints on faith (you could most easily just call me a “deist” and be done with it).  So I explained, “Christian music is mostly formed out of people with little musical or vocal talent.”  He agreed with this, and I went on, “It would seem to me that it is a forced type of music, with songs of praise simply for the purpose of making songs of praise.  It lacks inspiration, and when you see Christian musicians begin to get mainstream success, they generally tend to cease identifying as “Christian”.”  For examples I gave Amy Grant and Creed.

I have no problem with someone singing songs about their faith.  I think it is beautiful to be so moved by your faith that you feel a need to express it outwardly, be it music, art, or just living “right”.  What I DO think is a shame is to churn out pseudo-spiritual music recanting predictable rhythms and lyrics that are (for the most part) rehashed from the prior 25 years of the genre. Don’t be fooled…the Bible is a commercial product.

It seems possible that the secular nature of our culture has created a perception of spirituality only in the abstract sense, combined with a whole slew of people who proclaim their religiosity as a matter of convenience, carefully timed to disassociate words from actions.  If you ask someone if they believe in God, what you usually get is a summary of someone else’s ideas and thoughts regarding whatever religious predilection they have.  And with music, it is more about the “clique” you are in than taste.  If you are a cowboy, you listen to country music, so on.

Which brings me to the punchline here, if there could really be one.  As I perused the internetz after work, I happen upon this gem, which reminded me of the conversation earlier with my coworker;

If you live near the south, you know them.  Folks who wear Jesus like a badge of honor for all to see on public display.  Too bad it isn’t a badge that is earned rather than given upon baptism.


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