What Pisses Off The Working Class

So tonight I went to the store to get some “Carb Smart” ice cream for dessert.  After the heat today, some ice cream is definitely called for.  I grabbed my ice cream, along with 2 other sundry items, and headed to the express lane.  As I walked into the lane, there was a lady in front of me paying for her items.

As she was settling the total bill, she was told that her food stamp card wouldn’t cover an item that had a cost of about 79 cents, so she responded with “its ok, just take it off”.  As she tried to leave, the clerk had to ask her to give the item back, and she said, “Oh yeah”, and went to digging out a small bag of pinto beans.  She gave these to the cashier, and left.

I did my business, and ended up walking out right behind her, in her hip pocket so to speak.  As I got to my truck and unlocked the door, I glanced up and noticed that she was unleading her government subsidized groceries into a brand new, 2012 Cadillac Escalade truck.  I put my items into the back seat of my 2003 Ford (although, it is a very nice 2003 with under 50k miles on it), grumbled to myself, and came home to tell you all about it.

I pass no judgement on her personally.  I don’t know the circumstances behind her vehicle, or food stamp card.  I just know it is hard for me to imagine how you need help buying food when you drive a $60,000 truck.

4 Responses to “What Pisses Off The Working Class”

  1. Jerry Reed’s song “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot” from the 70s (a funny one) has a riff about that. “Who’s gonna pay for my cadillac? Collect my welfare?”

  2. This is a HUGE problem for me. My husband, a Viet Nam vet exposed to Agent Orange on a daily basis, recently died of cancer. The gov’t said his kind of cancer was not caused by Agent Orange, even though absolutely no one in his family ever has had cancer.

    I do have a point here, so bear with me.

    When he was in hospice, he attempted to get financial assistance, something we had never done in our entire married life (or single for that matter). He was told to get a job. This man had cancer everywhere in his body, a urostomy, a colostomy, and he was told to get a job. I kid you not.

    We were your average middle income white folks, so I can’t really play the race card. I’d sure like to know how we could have gone the other route – and driven a $60,000 vehicle to get free food.

    • The government subsidizes victims. Make yourself a victim somehow and you will qualify for assistance.

      Claiming ‘victim status” is your their way of you saying “I relinquish accountability to someone else’

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