Voice Immodulation Syndrome And Customer Service

So my wife and I were out running around the other day, and she needs to stop at a convenience store.  I pull into the next one we see, and she runs in.  While she is going in, I notice a sign on the door.  It is printed from a computer, and it says, “IF YOU WANT TO BE CHARGED REFILL PRICE YOU MUST SHOW YOUR CUP TO THE CASHIER!!!  IF YOU DON’T IT WILL BE FULL PRICE!!!!!!!!!”

It reminded me of another sign at another convenience store around the corner from me.  “ALL CREDIT CARD PURCHASES MUST BE FOR MORE THAN $3!!!!!”

Why? Why all the exclamation points?  Are they yelling at me?  Do they just mean so much business that they have to show it?  Is that how they would talk to me if they were explaning their policies to me?  I feel like I am being provided customer service by this guy:

In a past job several years back I had to work with a lady from corporate to get some things accomplished.  Every time she typed, she ended her sentences with exclamation points.  Reading what she wrote was almost like having to cover my ears.  For example:

Me:  Amy, did you get the list of employees I sent over?

Amy: Yes!  Thank you for getting that today!  I will try to get it back by Thursday!

Me:  Very good.  I would like to roll it out next month if possible, to be included on the first paycheck.

Amy: Ok!  I think that should be possible!  Let me get on this and get back to you late Wednesday!

Me:  Cool.  Thanks.

Amy: Not a problem!

Why?  To make the exclamation point you have to press Shift AND 1.  Two key strokes.  It isn’t like it is easy or anything.  Why?

Even more, why do it in customer service?  When you make a sign, should it not speak politely to your customers?  Or is yelling and demanding the way businesses typically operate?

2 Responses to “Voice Immodulation Syndrome And Customer Service”

  1. I’m torn on this one. Lately, I found myself using the exclamation point far more often than I think I should. It should be used to emphasize a point, at least that how I perceive it.

    I think I use it in a good way, to convey an excited tone, as if to say “hey I think that way too!” or “awesome work!”

    Whenever I recheck my writing before sending, I do find myself replacing it with periods. I also think 2 exclamation points in a row (definitely 3) is far too much. It’s appears as if you are overexcited and seems like yelling. However in internet land ALL CAPS is yelling, exclamation point or not.

    I don’t exactly know how I feel about it yet, but now that you mentioned it, I will certainly start thinking about it!!!!

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